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Test Preparation

Do your best with our one-to-one test prep sessions for high school and college entrance exams.

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Zoeller & Associates works with students to prepare them for standardized tests at the elementary, high school, and college levels. Unlike other test preparation services, we do not have predetermined class schedules. Instead, we take an individual approach to test preparation, tailoring our programs based upon the amount of time you have available and working with each student’s personal strengths and weaknesses.

Our goal is to make students feel comfortable and prepared for the tests they are to take. We use a variety of ways to determine individual strengths and weaknesses from the student’s past performance to current practice tests. We work with students, teaching them strategies for each section of the test as well as teaching concepts that they may be weak in. We also give resources and work that can be done at home so students can master the strategies and concepts they have learned.

Please contact our office at 626-797-3719 for more information about our services, individual and small group rates, and specials.